The AE Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

photo of Prof. Kennedy sitting with three grad students goin g over some research

The AE Post-Doc Fellowship Program:
Launching NextGen Researchers and Faculty

As the largest and most highly ranked publicly funded aerospace engineering program in the country, the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering has gained invaluable experience in research, teaching, and the fast-changing aerospace industry. In creating the AE Post-Doctoral Fellowship program, we are seeking to share that insight with select AE and ME doctorates - men and women who want to advance themselves and the discipline.

This is a launching point. If you are a bright, productive, and ambitious doctoral student with an interest in joining academia, the AE Post-Doc Fellowship program will give you an opportunity to expand your skillset, widen your professional network, and - we are confident - make your next career move, your best career move.

What to Expect

As an AE Post-Doc Fellow, you will receive professional mentorship in both teaching and research management from two of the AE School's 40+ tenure-track professors. These are among the most knowledgeable experts in the discipline, each with years of experience teaching some of the sharpest students in the world. Your mentors will assist you not only in planning your lectures, but in positioning yourself as a role model and mentor to our students - both undergraduate and graduate. You will gain instructional experience by teaching one undergraduate course per year.

As an AE Post-Doc Fellow, you will receive a very competitive salary and up to $1,500 in travel funds to facilitate your attendance at professional conferences or to support your own speaking engagements. You will give at least one technical seminar before your AE colleagues once a year.

As an AE Post-Doc Fellow, you will work alongside two faculty members on externally-funded research projects - experience that will put you in an excellent position to apply for tenure-track teaching positions here, or at other top-tier universities.


Contact Prof. Karen Feigh, associate chair for research.