The AE Multidisciplinary Research Areas

At the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering all graduate students - and a growing number of undergrads - are involved in research. The School's research efforts are organized around eight multidisciplinary research areas (MRAs), listed below. Visit the individual MRA pages to learn more about these collaborations and to connect with the faculty and individual labs associated with each area.

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Robotics, Autonomy and Human Interaction

This area encompasses wide-ranging research on robotic autonomous systems --intelligent machines with the ability to perceive, reason, and act on their environment in order to achieve a specific task.

Vertical Lift and Urban Air Mobility

Research in vertical lift and urban air mobility is transforming the both the vehicles and the transporation modalities that define our modern urban and regional infrastructure.

System of Systems and Complex Systems Integration

System of systems engineering is an interdisciplinary effort to interface autonomous constituent systems to provide capabilities beyond the reach of singular systems.

Space Exploration & Earth Monitoring

This research area supports multiple faculty and research labs that are creating space technologies and advanced mission concepts to enable new missions and capabilities in robotic and human space exploration.

Large-Scale Computations, Data, & Analytics

Solving big problems requires big investments - in people, in time and in computing. The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering has deep roots in all three.

Cyberphysical Systems, Safety, Security, & Reliability

This research delves into the many components of cyber-physical systems (CPS) - the interacting of digital, analog, physical, and human components engineered for function through integrated physics and logic.

Mechanics of Multifunctional Structures and Materials

The Daniel Guggenheim School's next generation research explores the behavior of materials and structures in environments and loading scenarios unique to aerospace engineering.

Sustainable Transportation & Energy Systems

The Daniel Guggenheim School's research in this area is bringing critical aerospace transport systems to a more sustainable level, with the goal of improving their environmental, climate and societal impacts.