AE Brown Bag Presents: Heying Zhang

Fri Dec 03 2021 02:00 PM
Guggenheim 442 and BlueJeans

The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering

is proud to present the

Brown Bag Lecture Series



Heying Zhang

(Advisor: Evangelos Theodorou)


Friday, December 3
2 - 3 pm (EST)
Guggenheim 442
 (refreshments provided)
& BlueJeans:

Heying Zhang will present

"Mechanical Hopper Design for Lunar Extreme Terrain Mobility"

Abstract: NASA’s 2022 BIG Idea Challenge calls for university students to investigate novel solutions to the challenge of extreme terrain mobility on lunar surface. This will aid in expanding access and capability to areas for volatile/ice mapping, instrument delivery, and expanding operating sites. Rising to this call to support the upcoming Artemis Lunar Base, the Georgia Institute of Technology Extreme Terrain Mobility team has been formed this semester to design novel ideas for expanding access up the Shackleton Crater’s slope. This presentation will review the team’s progress and present one of our top ideas for discussion. Two additional ideas will be lightly skimmed in the appendix for interested audiences. 


Guggenheim 442 and BlueJeans