News & Events

The end of the academic year generates many scholarly awards and honors for the AE student body
32 Grand Challenges were presented to attendees and sponsors during the two-day event
37 master's students and six Ph.D. students were recognized during the in-person celebration
The Aerospace Engineering School's Class of 2022 reflects on their past to grasp the future
97 teams from across the world joined the competition held in Wichita, Kansas
The nine-person team conceptualized a mission to the Martian moon - Phobos
MK 317
"Finite Time Stability, Semistability, and Optimality of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Systems with Application to Network Consensus"
Weber CoVE & BlueJeans
"Development of an Interpretable Digital Twin for the Predictive Calibration of Sun Sensors via Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network"
Weber - CoVE
"Robust Autonomous Navigation Framework for Exploration in GPS-absent and Challenging Environment"