The AE School & COVID-19

The AE School & COVID-19
In the event of any emergency on campus, please call the GTPD: 404.894-2500
Atlanta, Georgia

March 16 Update: All Georgia Tech Course Instruction to go Online for Remainder of Spring 2020 Semester

An announcement made March 16 has confirmed that all of Georgia Tech's course instruction will be moved to an online mode for the remainder of the semester, beginning March 30. As the AE School addresses this event, we want our faculty, students, and staff to know that their well-being and success are our #1 concern. Our on-campus staffing will be scaled back, but we will still be working and can therefore be contacted via phone or email. 

Below, you will find the information and resources that are available from Georgia Tech and from the AE School. |

To keep up with this constantly evolving story, please visit our new
AE COVID-19 Resource Update page for daily updates.

Georgia Tech Resources

The following list of Georgia Tech COVID-19 Resources will be updated, as more information becomes available, so please check back daily.

AE School Resources

A Message for AE GRAs & GTAs

The following message from Prof. Mitchell Walker, associate chair for Graduate Studies, was updated on March 23:

Graduate Students and Postdocs:  ALL research on campus is to stop by 5 p.m. on Thursday (March 19, 2020).  Work with your faculty advisor to coordinate your off-campus research activity.  Your faculty research advisor will contact you if you are allowed to continue your on-campus research activities beyond March 19, 2020.

Graduate Teaching Assistants: You need to be available to work with your course instructor the week of Monday, March 23, to prepare for remote instruction starting Monday, March 30, and thereafter to remotely support the delivery of this instruction. Work with the course instructor and your faculty advisor to confirm your plans.

What does COVID-19 mean for daily life at the AE School?

As you know, Georgia Tech is responding to COVID-19 by reducing in-person contact in our daily operations and moving all classes to an online format for the rest of the semester. We will use the week of March 23 as a trial and practice run for distance learning, and begin online instruction the week of March 30.  As we all acclimate to this change, the AE School faculty and staff want you to know your well-being and your continued academic achievement during this difficult time are important to us.  We will continue to work for your success. And we will be making a special effort to connect with you.

Please note that if you need to visit the campus, you will need to use your BuzzCard to gain access to the AE buildings. With fewer people on campus, the doors have been put on 24/7 lock.

Connect with AE Academic Resources

The AE academic office will use a variety of means to connect with both undergraduate and graduate students. Here are some ways that you can expect to connect with us.

  • Email: You can still directly email the advising staff to process permits, forms, and petitions and to ask routine questions.
  • Phone: Call us with your advising or other questions.
    • Kamaria Richards: 404-894-3471
    • Chris Lundy: 404-385-1595
    • Brittany Hodges: 404-894-3433
  • Canvas: Use Canvas to receive course information and communicate directly with your instructors
  • Blue Jeans: Use Blue Jeans to conduct video-conference advising
  • Buzzport/GradesFirst: Undergraduates, please make your advising appointments through GradesFirst, which is in your Buzzport account.  You can reach out to either advisor, but here are the preferred contacts according to your last name.

Connect with Other Resources

* employees who do not fall into this category should contact the AE HR Coordinator to discuss possible options


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